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Edward Cullen ‘Becomes A Man’ in “Breaking Dawn” According to Director Bill Condon

July 28, 2011

MTV interviewed “Breaking Dawn” director Bill Condon– and in his interview he explains how Edward Cullen ‘becomes a man’ in “Breaking Dawn.”

“Breaking Dawn” director Bill Condon recently revealed to MTV News what he predicts  will be the most emotional moments in the final installments. He also opened up about how stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have tackled the acting challenges presented to their characters, Bella and Edward. (Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t read the books.)

“There’s this really quiet moment when Bella discovers that she’s pregnant and Edward leaves the room having said, ‘Carlisle will get that thing out of  you,’ ” Condon recalled, “and she realizes, ‘Oh my god, I’ve got trouble ahead.’

“Edward, the person she’s been longing for all this time is actually on the other side of this very basic issue about this baby that’s growing inside of her, and she puts all that aside and she turns and she has a moment where she catches herself in this mirror. It’s actually a scene, just Kristen alone, where she falls in love with the idea of being a mother and it’s just simple, but I think it’s very moving.”

Condon went on to say that Pattinson’s work in the film is equally moving, noting how much he has evolved as an actor. “[Edward] really becomes an adult [in this film],” Condon said. “In the beginning, he has this beautiful toast to [Bella] where he talks about, ‘You’re so lucky if you find that one person who can see you for who you are and still accept you and allow you to move beyond who you’ve been.’ And that’s what Rob does in this movie,” the director added, “He sort of puts aside Edward’s self-loathing and all that stuff and actually becomes a man.

“So at the end, when Bella’s given birth and she’s died and he’s trying to bring her back, there is stuff in there where the camera just holds him for a long time where he’s just doing everything he can think of to make her live and to beg her to live,” Condon revealed. “It’s just really powerful.”

To read the entire article on MTV, please click here!

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