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Help out @Schelmy –A Fellow Rob Fan!

September 18, 2011

Hey everyone! I (Jackie) have been M.I.A. again lately…sorry about that. So, I’m a few days late with posting this, but I’m all caught up now. A fellow Rob fan needs our help! has posted this on their site & have been organizing everything to help out @Schelmy –the Rob fan in need!

As most of you know Shannon aka Schelmy ’s husband had an accident and fell 25 feet to the ground a few weeks ago. He survived but had many injuries which required surgeries. 

Unfortunately they were in the process of renewing their insurance when this happened and a few days before the accident, their insurance ran out… Shannon received her 1st hospital bill this week. It’s 136,000.00$ US. The hospital has refused to negotiate a payment plan and has given them 30 days to pay this amount. For this family, this could mean losing it all. Shannon is one of the most caring and sweetest persons I know. She always puts herself out there to help everyone. Now it’s our turn to do the same for her. If you were in New York City at the Water for Elephants Premiere you might have met her. She was with us. 

ToR has started an auction site to help raise money to @Schelmy. There’s some cool items on there for you to bid on– such as first edition books signed by authors (including a copy of “Eclipse” signed by Stephenie Meyer & “New Moon” signed by Peter Facinelli), as well as a poster signed by Robert Pattinson, a magazine signed by Kristen Stewart, and so much more. You can check out the auction site and bid for these items by clicking here!

If you can, please help out this fellow Rob fan! I’m sure anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated!

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